Best Raw Pet Food Delivered In Pomona

We delivery high quality raw pet food to Pomona that is free of preservatives or artificial additives. It is a convenient and time saving way to buy raw dog food or cat food in Pomona or the surrounding areas. Why not give our great range of raw pet mince, raw BARF meals and treats a try for your dog or cat this week?

We deliver raw dog food to Pomona, Cooroy and other parts of the Noosa shire. It is the most convenient way to provide your dog or cat with the best pet food you can. We even have wild caught, organic and many other options with a huge range of proteins available to suit your fussy dogs needs.

Raw Dog Food Pomona

raw dog food delivered pomonaOur raw dog food is guaranteed to have no chemical additives or fillers. Unlike most pet foods, you can read a list of all of the ingredients on the webpage of each product.

We have many options in our range specially made by a local supplier to provide a complete, balanced meal. There is something available to satisfy the needs of all of our customers dogs.

Some of the raw pet food we deliver to Pomona now includes raw beef dog food, organic chicken BARF, duck barf, turkey barf, kangaroo mince for dogs, fish BARF, Roo Tails, sardines for dogs and mixed packs too. All the proteins that may best suit your dog.

To ensure they getting all the nutrients and minerals they need, some vegetables, seeds and oils are mixed through our meals. This makes it perhaps the best raw dog food Pomona pet owners can buy. Of course there are plain mince options too, which might suit your routine better.

Cat Food Delivered Too

Our dog and cat food is delivered personally by Aunty Jo or one of her team. You can see the run schedule here, but we come to Pomona every Wednesday. The food arrives frozen. If you are not home, we can leave it either in an eski you provide for us, or in a foam box we supply.

Benefits Of The Raw Pet Food We Deliver

Along with raw dog food and raw cat food, we also provide healthy treats for pets too.

As part of our service, we can offer a free consultation to discuss your pets history and any concerns you have about their diet. Transitioning to raw pet food is something new customers may be concerned about. Aunty Jo can give all the advice and guidance you need to make the switch, Also, if your dog has allergies or other issues, we can recommend the best meals to choose for them.pomona raw dog food

The BARF pet food we deliver to Pomona, comes in either a roll, or in easy to serve portioned packs. The food is the same, but the choice of how to store and serve to the food is up to you.

As an introductory offer, your first order has no delivery fee. (mention it to us when ordering please).

Order your raw pet food to Pomona online today. If you have any questions, please just contact us.

We look forward to delivering to your home soon. Your pet will love you for it!

Meet the team

Joanne - Owner Operator