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Jo founded Aunty Jo’s Canine Catering in 2016 a family-owned and operated business. Working from the ground up she quickly built a pet food delivery business. She offered regular home deliveries to the Moreton Bay Region. In 2018 Aunty Jo’s Canine Catering moved north to the Sunshine Coast.

As part of Jo’s beliefs about dog nutrition, it was important to stock products that were grain free, preservative free and with no fillers that way she would be helping owners keep their pets happy and healthy.

After much research and testing Joanne settled on two local suppliers that ONLY use Australian sourced ingredients. Canine Country Pet Foods for the raw BARF meals and Loyalty Pet Treats for treat supplies. 

Canine Country Pet Food is a family owned and operated boutique raw pet food manufacturer located in Brisbane.

They have been making their quality BARF meals since 2009, developing their recipes with the help of holistic vets. Canine Country Pet Foods are grain free, preservative free and have no fillers.

Loyalty Pet Treats are also a family owned and operated business located in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.  Using only locally sourced Australian meats they have a unique way of processing their food called Nutrieseal® this technology ensures minimal interference with the raw product, producing a natural treat full of flavour, colour & nutrition.

We are proud to deliver this high quality raw pet food across The Sunshine Coast.

Benefits of Raw Dieting

B.A.R.F =  (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food OR Bone And Raw Food)

Canine Country BARF meals are made with quality ingredients, which can help prevent allergies and make your dog’s coat soft and glossy.

Helps strengthen your dog’s immune system

Decreases the risk of your pet being diagnosed with certain types of cancer. If you have this chance to reduce the risk…Why not take it? 

Results in weight loss, increase in energy levels and a happier disposition for your dog.

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