Raw Dog Food Delivery Sunshine Coast – The Most Common Benefits

We get a lot of feedback from our valued clients about both the quality of the food we sell, and the convenience of it too. With a growing list of regular clients, it seems to be a winning combination. Healthy and easy. If you have been thinking about trying a raw dog food delivery service on the Sunshine Coast, or in Moreton Bay, then this post is for you.

There are a few benefits that our regular customers share with us about our scheduled raw dog food delivery, that we hear more than others. We have listed them for you here: 

Convenience – one client recently said to me “I just love not having to think about buying dog food. I have enough to do. I could buy it at the shops but I know I will forget sometimes and that means either an extra trip to town, or I have to make something that is not as good.”

Once customers have gotten into the rhythm of the delivery cycle, it can become a very simple set-and-forget process.

Food Variety – another client spoke to me about the variety of food they can feed their dog. She said they used to make their dog food, but it was almost always just with chicken and other ingredients. Now that she is a regular customer with us, she likes that her dog can eat turkey, lamb, kangaroo, beef, fish and other proteins too.

On an interesting side note, her dog was having seizures and she found out from a vet that chicken was contributing to inflammation in her dog. So she now does not order any chicken products from us.

Time Saving – back to the topic of convenience, many clients have said they used to make their food. They like that our raw dog food delivery saves them the time of having to first buy ingredients at the shops, and then prepare their dog food.

Food Quality – Lots of dog owners also mention how much more confident they are in what their dog is eating. They’ve said it was at times quite stressful making their of food, as they were never totally sure they were putting the right balance of ingredients in. 

Having their dog food delivered took that concern away.

Then some transition from cheap, shop bought dog foods to ours with all-natural, whole ingredients. Almost everyone comments that their dogs are healthier and happier.

Portioning – We have different options when it comes to portions. There are convenient pop-out packs that are very simple to serve. Owners of smaller dogs seem to like these a lot because they only defrost one pack at a time and it is so simple to serve. Those with larger dogs, that don’t like the idea of touching raw meat, also get the portioned packs, and just feed more than one portion per serve, depending on the size of their dog.

Our other option is the one-kilogram rolls. They might take a little more to get used to, but customers soon get used to how often they take one from the fridge and how to feed the right amount to their dogs.

Looking for a more convenient healthy dog food solution? Choose the raw dog food delivery Sunshine Coast dogs love! It has to be Aunty Jo’s. Order online or contact us with any questions you might have about transitioning your dog to a raw food diet, today.